South Molle Island Resort Facilities

South Molle Island is located amongst the inner Whitsunday Islands. A 40- minute boat transfer from Shute Harbour, Australia can have you decadently relaxing with your very own 360° million dollar view.

South Molle Island resort is a popular destination offering a wide variety of outdoor activities and entertainment. It is a popular choice with families, offering baby sitting services as well as a range of family accommodation.

When you think of a Whitsunday holiday you imagine white sandy beaches framing tropical beach resorts and, as you step onto the South Mole Island beach and that sand bunches up around your toes, you can let out a sigh of relief and know your relaxing is about to begin.

If, after a few days of winding down, you feel the need to do something energetic you can join in with some Whitsunday tennis on the South Molle Island resort tennis court or for something a little less energetic, you may feel like a hit of golf during your Whitsunday visit. The 9-hole golf course is designed to keep all enthusiasts happy. You can finish your day with a refreshing swim to cool down in the surrounding ocean or a quiet dip in the resort pool.

The resort offers a buffet style restaurant and multiple bars providing nightly entertainment. With ample child care at the Whitsundays and a fully equipped games room available, children are safely and happily entertained and parents can go off duty and enjoy what the evenings have to offer.